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The benefits of high self-esteem

Self-esteem impacts every facet of your life

From your love life to your work life, from how you feel about yourself to how you deal with other people; raising your self-esteem will positively impact virtually every part of your life.

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More opportunities and a more spontaneous life

Do you feel life is passing you by? Having low self-esteem generally translates into hiding behind a wall of self-protective strategies, actively avoiding uncertain and risky situations. Raising your self-esteem will result in a fuller life.

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Rejections and failures won't be the end of your world

Do rejections and failures hurt you more than others? Although having high self-esteem won’t prevent failures and rejections from happening, people with high self-esteem tend to not attach them to their identity.

"The more solid our self-esteem, the better equipped we are to cope with troubles that arise in our personal lives or in our careers; the quicker we are to pick ourselves up after a fall; the more energy we have to begin anew."

Nathaniel Branden

(Author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem)

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